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how to get out of rehearsal:


go to rehearsal you piece of trash

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Where are you going?

By the time this publishes, I should be done with Boot Camp! :)

People call the brass brassholes and it makes me so upset because I love brass even though I'm in percussion ):

That’s what we called high brass, because it’s the truth. Haha

Ok so my school is on a block schedule so I have eight classes, but I actually have more because of band. The problem is I actually DONT want that much band. I have 5 band classes in total: symphonic band, pep band (which is a solo and ensemble class when marching season is over), percussion, jazz, and now I got put into our winter drumline class, so I have 10 classes in total, and I'm usually at school until 9:00 pm. It's starting to effects my grades badly, and I want to drop two of those

I think band directors who pressure kids into more classes are worse than people who make you join fantasy football.

If you’re too stressed, and from the second ask you sent, you sound like you are, drop some classes or talk to a councillor. You should enjoy these years, because they don’t last long.

Sometimes during section parties we'll watch movies and replace the characters with people in band. Idk why I submitted this but it's fun to do :)

x) my friends and I do that. There’s always one kid who gets offended though.

Is it bad that I make marching band shirts all the time? Like, I have this one shirt that says Go Back. RESET. do it again

This is not bad! People buy those things.

Instrumental Ask.
Conductor: What's your favorite thing about band?
Piccolo: Talk about the person that pisses you off most in band.
Flute: What's one thing that ticks you off about marching band?
Oboe: If you had to choose between single reeded or double reeded instruments which one would you choose?
English Horn: What's the most difficult piece of music you've ever played?
Bassoon: Bass Clef or Treble Clef? Why?
Clarinet: Tell an embarrassing moment that happened during band.
Bass Clarinet: Do you prefer listening to the melody of the songs or finding the core of the music?
Soprano Sax: What's your favorite piece of music?
Alto Sax: A funny story that happened at a competition.
Tenor Sax: Who are you the closest with in your band? Share why you guys are such good friends.
Bari Sax: Describe the kind of person you are in the band.
Cornet: What's the highest note you can play with a good tone?
Flugelhorn: What's your favorite instrument besides your primary one?
Trumpet: Loud songs or soft ones?
French Horn: What's your favorite note? Why?
Mellophone: What's your favorite drum corps? Why?
Trombone: Has there been a time where you laughed while playing your instrument?
Baritone: What's the difference between a baritone and euphonium?
Euphonium: Do you get offend if people mistaken your instrument for something else?
Tuba: Who in your band makes you laugh the most? Why?
Contra: What's your least favorite drum corps? Why?
Timpani: Do you prefer the top or bottom line when there's a divisi in your music?
Bells: What would you like to buy for your instrument right now?
Vibes: What's a weakness you have in music?
Marimba: What do you feel about the pit/front ensemble?
Cymbals: Do you think there should be a cymbal line?
Bass: Who do you think in the bassline has the most difficult part?
Snare: What's your favorite instrument brand?
Tenors: Tell a story about your drumline.
Violin: What's the difference between a violin and viola?
Viola: Do you know what an alto clef is?
Cello: Which stringed instrument would you like to learn?
Bass: What's the heaviest instrument that you've held?
Double Bass: What instrument do you think will be the most difficult for you to learn? Why do you think so?

I don't know what to do anymore. The school I go to has no respect for the band, and it's so irritating. I'm the Drum Major and all I want is to have the respect of our school. Our band is so good and we have shown ourselves and everyone else that we have so much potential and so much talent. How do I get the school to have the respect that we have for ourselves?

You can be the juiciest, ripest peach and there will still be people who hate peaches.

For me, band wasn’t about what other people thought. Band was about putting it all out on the field and wanting to cry from happiness at the end of it all.

People are dumb, but don’t let them get you down.

Last year in marching band season my friend wore nothing under his suspenders and nobody found out xD

Yesterday, our seniors tied a tampon to this one weak freshman's trumpet case and stuck a sports bra from the lost and found inside it. They then proceeded to stuff his cubby to the point of overflowing with other items from the lost and found. It was so great

Why was I not phased by this?
Band kids.