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I'm more closer to my band family than I am to my actual family.
Hi I am an oboe player and middle school head dm and for next marching season I got asked to be the back field conductor for the hs do u have any advice on how to fit in??

Be yourself, homie. That’s all that matters.

Hi, I'm a French horn going to start marching next year! I'm really looking forward to it, do you have any advice?

Not from me but from my french horn/mello friend
"Don’t get frustrated when switching from horn to mellophone. Always bring sunglasses to outside practices because the bell reflects the sun (always), learn your music, and get a good range c:"

Me & my bf at the time would get freaky in the band room. In the practice rooms, the drum closet, even in the main open area. Almost got caught once. It was a while after practice ended. Lights were off, doors were closed (but not locked), & we were sure everyone was gone by then. In the middle of the floor he started (ahemgoingdownahem) on me when we heard someone coming down the hallway. Got my pants on in the knick of time. A kid forgot his folder and came back for it. Fun times LOL.


I'm a cheerleader at a school that doesn't offer band/color guard and when I watch some that come from other schools I'm really glad we don't.

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So my band director is really weird and we had a guest conductor and he said that he wished we had more of our band director people in this world and I think everyone was thinking the same thing The entire world would be really derpy and weird and people would be asking derpy questions like "when is the Fourth of July" and There would be weirdos everywhere and is your band director also that weird?


Do the trumpets talk nonstop and goof off in every other band?!

I’ve heard about this stereotype a lot, but low brass is the talk nonstop and goof off section in my band(x

I have a dumb story from last years percussion clinic that I'm hoping finds some amusement. So sometimes we take the final day of clinic and have some stupid fun. We all like to mess with our one bass player David, because he's a bigger guy, but it's all in good fun. Our instructor told him to open his mouth and close his eyes, the first time squinting chocolate syrup, the second time strawberry syrup, and the third time ranch dressing, causing him to spit it all over the floor. So funny. XD
I recently ran for section leader in my college marching band. 6 People tried out for 2 spots. I didn't get it, and I was upset at it. Mostly because one person that got the position had never played the instrument before until that year. But they were in the band frat, and the directors show favoritism towards them, so that's what we assumed helped him get it. I'm not mad anymore now, but it kinda makes me sad that a younger, inexperienced player got chosen over more experienced members.

HA HAHAHAHAhHAAhahahHhahhahha literally in your same situation.

No really though, I feel your pain and it sucks but i guess ya just gotta deal with what your directors think is best for the band even if you don’t agree with them.